Werrd-OneDrop Poll

Which one?

Summit’s a beast, I havent tried the others though :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got the 86400 the other day and it’s definitely one of my favorite players among modern yoyo’s. I prefer it to all of those others (haven’t played the Chik). Also like the Hour. It’s got a bit less heft and to me is tougher to control on regens, but really quick. 86400 is a MONSTER.

I agree, the 86400 is a beast when it comes to competition oriented yoyos. On the lower priced side of yoyos too!

Can one of you guys tell me if the 86400 will hold FHZ/Raptor caps like the Hour?

Please, and thank you… ;D

Chik :slight_smile: is my favorite I own two!

I believe it does not.

I believe otherwise.



I can confirm it does. ;D