Werrd Hour||QUICKIE---CLYW Gnarwhal||QUICKIE

Hey Everyone!
Here are two short videos of 2 new yoyos that I got. One is the Werrd Hour. The other is the CLYW Gnarwhal. Both of them are QUICKIES.


This was brought to you by Big Yoyo String! In This Video I used, Type 1 Loose string!
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I would love to hear your feedback!
Keep an eye out for another video released in a few weeks. It will be featuring BYYS’s latest string…PANTHER STRING!!! Get Excited :smiley:

Happy Throwing To All!


Awesome video man!

Thank you! It’s incredibly simple…haha

I’m gonna hopefully make a Gnarwhal test video later tonight or early tomorrow. I just got a Gnarwhal from Big Yoyo today! It’s fantastic!

Awesome! But between me and you, keep test out of the name. Using test makes you look like a trend follower and its no good.

I happen to know that Big Yoyo is all about hipsterism and he would be proud of you not following the trends and setting them instead.

Just my two cents :wink:

We do enjoy being hipsters. But Jake has some some test vids before. Thanks for the tip! Ill think about changing the name, I just made a Gnarwhal video a few minutes ago.

Fixed. I now consider my videos that are “test” Quickies. haha


Yeah you gotta be a trend setter, not a follower!

Will do Boss! Haha :wink:

Bump, any feedback?


Bump, feedback please :smiley:


Good Job man! Who said it’s not good to be a hipster?

Haha thanks man! :slight_smile:

Bump :smiley:



Bump :smiley: