Next test video to come from me.

EDIT: MAde a poll :slight_smile:

Werrd Hour. that’s the one.

I agree ;D but I seem to be the only one who’s voted on that so far ???

Can you people stop making “TEST” videos and just make it a regular video. How many yoyos are you going to “test” on video? It seems like every video on this page has the word test, its kinda pointless

Yeah I took that out of the name. Its just KLR.

I’ll make a Hour one like next week.

So, are you testing yoyos, your video making skills or what?

I actually took “test” out of it, cause when i put it in my Gnarwhal test video it was just peer pressure. Now its just for what yoyo should be featured in my next video. But all my videos are kinda “tests” ive never actually filmed in the spot where i did in the video before, so it was kinda a test for that.

You can delete this thread if you want, there is no more usage for it, as I already made the KLR video and in my next one there will be an Hour.