Werrd Facebook Contest - New 2K13 HOUR and Whatchamacallit Giveaway


Werrd is doing a Yo-Yo giveaway contest on facebook.
Details are here http://www.werrd.com/hq/like-share-win-win-a-2k13-hour-and-limited-edition-werrd-whatchamacallit-yo-yo-holder/.

You can win a brand new 2K13 HOUR and a (very) limited edition Werrd Whatchamacallit Yo-Yo holster (the holster’s band came from the 2013 Japan Nationals).

To be in the running to win, go to http://www.facebook.com/werrdworld . Like the page and share the pic. That’s it.

The winner will be draw on Friday June 28 (so you’ve got less than 3 days).

Edit: added the drawing date (oops)


Only residents in the U.S can participate ?


Nope! Anyone in the world.


Why does it seem like the only times you pop in the forums is for free yoyos?


It does doesn’t it? Just let him be.


why do you always have to give me that look when i do that?

you have tons of throws, you participated in contests, i didn’t complain… if i can’t participate then i just gave it a try … no harms done to anyone


you cant give looks through the internet


The CIA is looking at you through the internet right now…


look at my face ;D


i am the entire cia


Well I think this was a bit of a no-brainer to enter.


Thanks everyone for supporting the contest! It draws on Friday night. We’ll post details of the winner here as well as on werrd.com and facebook.





im the cat as well i am a cia cat