Well, my dog loves thin lube.

That is all.

Its ok, I wasnt ready for thin lube anyways. Also she is still alive…besides, pretty hard to get mad…look at her! :wink:



Not so funny now, is it? She drained 1/4…the horror.

Lol… Man you should keep your yoyo supplies safe…

Addment: Yay!!!I completed 100 posts ;D

:smiley: :smiley:
I love your Puppy! She is so cute!! :-*

Man I bet that was wired explaining that to the vet “well sir she got into a bottle of yoyo lube” I bet he has never heard that one before. Later.

Keep it spinning™

haha robert. that would definately be a first.

Is she ok?
I would be totally scared if I found out my dog ate some yoyo lube.
I am not sure if its toxic or anything, but is she acting normally? No signs of any sickness?
vet say she is ok?

Just wondering, I love dogs and like making sure they are ok.

Nice dog by the way!
Shiba inu?

Whats her name?


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I normally do, but I was out numbered…its was a cat/dog operation. I didnt stand a chance. Cat knocked it off 10 foot shelf…dog attacked.

The stuffs non toxic…so its all good.

Now if she chews up 200 strings or one of my FHZs… >:( ;D

Naw its says non toxic. I even tasted it too see (not recommended). I was kinda worried if it would have the same effect as glycol or something that would be scary. Yes they are both Shibas…Keiko and Simi.

They play with their mouths…really, this is them playing.

They’re so cute. Can they attack?

Nice dogs. Take good care of them. I’d give you 1 million dollars for one! (If I had the money) :slight_smile:

The smaller one is so Fuzzy and Cute!!

… Fuzzy Fuzzy Cute Cute?


… Whoa.

Glad to hear I’m not the only one who loves Thin Lube.