Well, I made a new case today, so I thought I would share:

Hidden counterweight holes!


10 times better than my old crappy case that only holds 6 yoyo’s.Lol

Very nice!!!

Oooohhhhh… Super Nice. One of the best I’ve seen. :smiley:

how do you cut those perfect holes

Tom Hunt’s tomato paste can. (the small version)

at least I know that ;D,and you don’t need to quote pics, they are kind of annoying

Yeah dude that’s really sick! Looks very professional! Where’d you find the foam?

That’s the standard Joanne’s Fabric stuff ^^

Anything similar in Canada?? Im in Toronto specifically. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool, so u bought a case and styrofoam and made it yourself?

It isn’t styrofoam. It is normal soft foam.

where did you find that case?? Ive been looking for a case like that for weeks…That looks really good by the way!

you make a case

Your Case = Awesome

Thanks for posting this, gave me some ideas to make my own.

I meant the case the outside wat kind of case is it

You don’t have to have a case like that, you can use something like a laptop holder

lol nice, I went to Jo Ann Fabric yesterday for some RIT Dye, but I didn’t have my yoyo on me. I bet the owner there saw a lot of yoyoers.

Yeah. Cool case. I wonder where you got the Hunt’s tomato trick and hidden counterweight holes ideas from. coughbeverchakus1cough