Well, I made a new case today, so I thought I would share:


Hidden counterweight holes!



(marcusWsteadman) #3

10 times better than my old crappy case that only holds 6 yoyo’s.Lol


Very nice!!!


Oooohhhhh… Super Nice. One of the best I’ve seen. :smiley:


how do you cut those perfect holes


Tom Hunt’s tomato paste can. (the small version)


at least I know that ;D,and you don’t need to quote pics, they are kind of annoying

(Infinite Chaos) #9

Yeah dude that’s really sick! Looks very professional! Where’d you find the foam?


That’s the standard Joanne’s Fabric stuff ^^

(Infinite Chaos) #11

Anything similar in Canada?? Im in Toronto specifically. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool, so u bought a case and styrofoam and made it yourself?


It isn’t styrofoam. It is normal soft foam.


where did you find that case?? Ive been looking for a case like that for weeks…That looks really good by the way!


you make a case

(Kei) #16

Your Case = Awesome

Thanks for posting this, gave me some ideas to make my own.


I meant the case the outside wat kind of case is it


You don’t have to have a case like that, you can use something like a laptop holder


lol nice, I went to Jo Ann Fabric yesterday for some RIT Dye, but I didn’t have my yoyo on me. I bet the owner there saw a lot of yoyoers.


Yeah. Cool case. I wonder where you got the Hunt’s tomato trick and hidden counterweight holes ideas from. coughbeverchakus1cough