How about a new old case...

Seems my oldest son has been led down the yoyo path. Think it’s more he’s tired of his little bro getting all the attention ;D.

Anyway here is the first case I did with some new foam and a new paint job. Did a gloss black with some airbrushed, yes I do that too, orange and purple/plum stripes. The flourescent green name plate is “epic” spelled 3p!c. It’s from his clan tag on Black Ops ::). Perhaps some of you may have run into him, unfortunately for you :’(.

Can’t seem to find a pic of the old case, sorry it is briefly shown in my original “collection video” on my youtube channel.

He’s only got two yoyo’s for now so two holes in the foam

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How do you cut your circles so clean? I really struggle with that.

Nice! Say, what do you use to cut the holes? I use a 6oz can, but the holes are too big for my undersized throws.

Ahhh the circles. First off the stock foam is the very soft egg crate style which is much more difficult to cut cleanly. I buy new foam from a distributor, fairly cheap I guess, which is much stiffer. I forget the name of the foam type but it’s very nice and much easier to work with.

Trial and error has led me to the dremel. Yes a dremel. To cut the bulk of the material I use a small wire wheel attachment that does an awesome job. To finish I switch to a small sanding drum attachment. You need a steady hand but it works really nice. Of course I like to cut each hole for each yoyo so I just find round items that are the size I need and trace them out one at a time.

When I recently re-did the foam in the larger case I stood the yoyo’s upright. That way It would hold more of them and you can also see the yoyos that are two tone. For that I found a handy item at Home Depot. I believe it’s from a scrapper blade, found in the rug department. Basically a long razor blade that is very sharp. They are square on both ends so I cut one end to an angle like an excato knife blade. Works excellent.

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Anything the size of the yoyo then trace it.

Check out the post above for the cutting method.

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Cool, thanks! I was actually wondering about using my Dremel.

looks nice

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