I made a case. Suggestions or critisisms welcome. Lots of pics.

Got tired walking around with a giant bulge in the middle of my thigh. Put this together over the last 2 days. Was just kinda ad lib-ing. It kinda ended up as a nautical/steampunk hybrid of sorts. the book in the lid is a book safe and the tether unclasps and attaches to the 2 lower tethers to form support for the lid.
Still have a hand full of throws left I need to put in a case, so I will be making another this weekend.
Would appreciate any suggestions or comments, constructive or otherwise.

Pretty cool. I like where you keep your string.

^ QFT.

If you dyed the foam, it’ll look even better, probably :slight_smile:

I was thinking the same thing. Well, I was thinking I didnt like the color, but hadn’t though of dyeing it. Good idea

nice case :slight_smile: its really cool looking in my opinion. and it kinda overlaps the yoyo-ing feel. at first glance. i tot u were going to work with that. but no! it was a yoyo case. haha. really nicely done

I think you should paint the book so it doesnt look like a book. By the away you did good job on it. O0

I think you could have squeezed in a 6th YoYo but its still oldschool looking. I dig it!