I made a case... again... Critisism requested

So I’m working on a a second case. Think I’m about 70% done but would like to get your guys input before I get too far ahead of myself.
I took some of the suggestions from this thread

Such as dying the foam black and not making the drawer look like a book.

The chest was hand stained. The handle is a stained flexible wooden snake, bound to the lid with sterling silver wire. Which kinda makes it look like a purse, which I’m not happy with, but working on. there are 2 devices that will adhere to the outside to brace the lid. I’ll have to post pics of them later as they are difficult to describe.


The 2 lid doors are made of rolled and glued novel paper, set into a frame composed of bamboo, silver wire, hemp rope and Mink vertebrae. missing is the clasp which the hand on the door will hold that flip up to meet the face and is held in place with a horned septum ring. the door will open to reveal a trap door with a butterfly design of mink rib bones on black satin, which in turn will fold down to reveal the string and stuff storage compartment. I’m having some issues with it, but will post pix when I figure it out.
There is still alot of antiquing and embellishing to be done yet so it will look a little rough.
Sadly Mike, I was not able to fit a 6th hole in there.
Any remarks, or suggestions will be deeply appreciated




looks cool but the head and arms and bones look creepy.

i totally agree with you get rid of them :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep the bones, its messed up and I dig it ;D

I’m kind of creeped out too guys… It’s the head and arms that freaks me out.


My Mini-Motu!!!

Btw, the case looks great. Just looks like it should be able to hold more than five yoyos. Maybe make a bottom storage compartment?

awesome yoyo case.