New home-made carrying case. (And a tutorial coming soon!)


Well here’s the new case I made.

Started with a leather briefcase(with a lock) and a sheet of highgrade packing foam that my work computer came in.

Used a tube from a “caution” tape roll and a straight blade exact-o knife for my incisions.

I think it turned out wonderful, with plenty of space to keep my tools and paper and pencils for sketches.

The finished image is attached.


I also apologize for the blur from my camera.

Not sure why it wouldn’t come into focus.


Nice case.

Oh and love the Bad Religion avatar!!!


o…m…g… that is sooo amazing man ! i wana make one hahaha


i love it know you have gave me an idea thank you so much add me as a buddy


I like the case, but the foam looks poorly cut. Instead of using a blade, take an empty tomato paste can and, using sandpaper, sharpen the edges. Then just twist it into the foam. You can make perfectly cut circular holes with it.


or you can make squares or triangles


Yeah, but circles look so much classier :stuck_out_tongue: