Cuttin stuff


What do you guys use to cut the foam in cases to fit your throws? Thanks, Tom Srebernak


I heard someone just cut a can in half and used that… or you could be really good with a knife.


I cut mine in a square/rectangle because more yoyos fit that way. I have found that an electric knife works really well, after I make a smaller cut with an exacto-knife.


yeah, i use a soda can to cut the foam for my case.



(Mitch) #6

I got one of the tiny tomato paste cans and cut the top off to use that.


Sweet I was looking into making a case soon.


@buddy Jim, I used a pistol gun case I got from walmart. Then, to cut out the yo-yos, I went with the tomato paste can. Just wanted to give you an idea. The case already has foam when you buy it.


cookie cutter.
I make stars. ;D ;D