Making A YoYo Case!


don’t know if this is in the right section but oh well, I’m sure some of you will have made a case for your yoyos, not bought one, and I was wondering what the best way to cut the slots for the yoyo is except the can method becasue i cant find a can the right size.
Any helps, tips whatever,


I used an exacto knife and made rectangles that were 50 mm by 35 mm. So 5 cm by 3.5 cm. I used a sharpie to make the rectangle shape on the foam. You put the yoyo in the rectangles so you can see the gap.


Exacto knife??? ???

Like a craft knife or a scalpel, stabley knife that sort of thing


Yeah, an exacto knife has a super sharp blade that’s perfect for cutting foam.


ok, and not stabley stanley, what a name for a knife “STABLEY, the sharps craft knife around” its just asking for trouble


That knife will be fine. Or you can buy a tomato paste can. Its probably the smallest can in the store. Works great.


Can u get tomato paste cans in the uk, normally it comes in a tube, if going shopping later so i will have a look, i will also need to find a way to cut a slot for my big yo!


I forgot to look where you are from. DOH! You may be able to go to a shop that repairs exhause on cars and find the right size pipe. Then just have someone sharpen the edge of it. That works too but the edge needs to be smooth as well as sharp. If I think of anymore places or way’s I’ll post them.

EDIT: Do you guy’s have red bull or any drinks like that over there? If so find a can like that that is stiff. unlike normal aluminym cans. It may work.


I just bought a case where you poke little 1/2" squares out to make the size of hole you want - no cutting needed, just fingers. Cost me $20 ($10 + $10 shipping on eBay). Like this one:


watch beverchakus guide to making a case


He just needs to find the right cutting tool. He already know’s what he wants.


So no more socks? :stuck_out_tongue:

(JonasK) #13

There’s so many different cans. Just take your yoyo and look for a fitting can in a big store.


I finished, I made it, I will show it tomorrow though but i just used a soup can slightly bigger than the yoyo, bout 1cm on each side, but instead of having them on show when you open the case they have been “Bunged” in so to say with unuseable strings has little ropes to pull the bungs out, i will show you tomorrow though


Haha, yeah well socks still own for a point-and-shoot camera case!

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use your pockets!
a case is a hassle

(JonasK) #17

See you won’t be able to put 15 yoyos in your pockets and walk around comfortably. It’s good to have a case when you go on trips and contests.


That’s what I did until I got my 4th yoyo - then even with cargo pants, there’s nowhere to put the yoyos to keep them from getting all scratched up, bumping cellphone, keys, camera, etc. - that’s where stuffing them into socks in my pockets came in. ::slight_smile: