Well I’ll be darned, Duracraft

So I did a great trade with @MattC and as a because he sent me his Fathers looping set. Now there’s two levels of killer cool here. First the Duracraft, I’ve never seen this before.

Now I have brass axels for my cold fusions mostly because they came with them stock. But this. A slim line looper with a brass axle that really can’t twist and the entire mechanism is made of brass. You should have seen my trying to take this apart. Then I popped the pog and all was revealed. Holly crap Batman! This was Hi tech for it’s day.
Next his Fathers bumblebee. This is good. Look at this axle. This was his left handed throw look at this wooden axle
And here a new axle blank !

That’s what’s know as owning it. Lucky for me I have wooden axle blanks for this Proyo bumble bee. I should send them back. What do you think @MattC ?