Does anyone (on this EARTH!! ) have a pic of of the wooden insert, brass rivet axle Duncraft Proyo yoyo? - showing without pogs and insert/ axle clearly?. Thank You

Pics of wooden axle Duncraft Proyo? (From anyone/anywhere on this EARTH??? lol…)

DuraCraft Proyo


Thanks, but that’s a little later Duracraft. I’m looking for the elusive wood sleeve, brass rivet axle. I’ve heard stories they exist, lol…!.I have a Brass sleeve, brass rivet axle Duncraft, but would like to see the other if it in fact ever existed beyond proto-type or special order.

Sadly there is only 1 in existence. And I hid it in a Cave, some time ago.

The exact directions to the location of the Cave are engraved into the seat post of Pee-Wee Herman’s’ bicycle.

The bicycle is Texas. Hidden in the basement of the Alamo.

Good luck…


When I saw you replied, I knew your response would be pure gold! You did not disappoint. However, you forgot to specify the original poster needs to tell them “Large Marge sent him”


Went from Oklahoma to Texas got into the basement at the Alamo made a copy of the directions went to the cave and I think I found what you where looking for. Thank for the directions yoyodoc

I seem to be finding thing in the back of my forget about it drawer in a plastic Sucrets box. Is this what you are looking for and the picture angles you need. Hope this helps.


Nice pics of the Cold Fusion!, Thanks, definitely gonna download the pics for later collecting use… if its cool ?, John

Almost inclined to believe you! …lol!

Lol!!!. Probably better chance of finding that bike! Love It!👍

I’ll try to remember to look tomorrow.

Is it the larger ones that are hexagonal (?) on the outside, not just a straight cylinder axle?

If so I don’t believe I have any brass left, but i have wood.


Sounds like it!!!..coo.:call_me_hand:

The drawer

If you need better pics of the bearing seat and the inserts, let me know. I have an extra thin set of brass inserts from the Cold Fusion GT that abused to death. That is the reason the Cold Fision is is such good shape. I do nit have the can my son uses it for trinkets. I believe he still has the can?


What specifically are you looking to do here? I (somewhere) have a few spare wooden axles left as well as a brass insert. But if there was a non-take apart wood-axle Duracraft proyo, I don’t have one. Mine are all the metal axles.

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It is cool if you need other pics I can provide with better lighting. Good hunting

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Any pics of a Duncraft Proyo ( I know they were made by Duracraft ) Wooden insert, brass rivet axle. The Museum of YoYo history shows a gold poged Dale Oliver that the author states is one, I’ve personally not seen it without pogs or the string slot. I purchased a Duncraft Proyo with the brass insert and brass rivet, however the box it came in describes ’ a wood axle ’ and the booklet describes clearing a knot in the string as if the YoYo was a non-take apart. The box and booklet are clearly labeled DUNCRAFT. I’m looking for an example of a Duncraft Proyo that is a wooden sleeved, brass riveted Duncraft yo-yo, I’m starting to think it was a one off or prototype or a custom order. Please note pics ----

Anything you got on this photogeek would be appreciated! - Thanks :call_me_hand: a couple more pics that might help. According to the box mine came in and the booklet it would appear Duncraft Proyo did in fact make Wooden sleeve and Brass sleeve brass revited yoyos. I have the brass one, and according to my box a wood " axle " ( non-take apart) I assume to be brass riveted does exist - just want to see one - (pic) - if possible.:slightly_smiling_face: PS - guess they put the wrong one in my…

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I appreciate your help, my search is primarily for one of the first Proyo model’s introduced. Thank you!:+1: - John.

So I’ve got too much stuff, I haven’t come across the yoyos yet, but did find a box of the axles and I had 1 brass axle still!


Nice… Thanks. Did the yoyo have the brass screw and nut? - John

This is all I came across. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the yoyos somewhere, will look again when I get time.

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Those axles would have been for the take-apart version.