Welcome to the team Jason Rodriguez!

We’d like to officially welcome one of your Most Awesome Global Moderators jrodriguez to the One Drop team! A long time supporter of all things yo-yo, Jason is the man behind the CODE2!


To celebrate his addition to the family, we paired up with YoYoExpert to bring you guys a new batch of Argonaut CODE2s, featuring engraved Flat Cap Side Effects!

Head over to our team page to learn more!


Awesome news, congratulations Jason!

Congratulations Jason! Hope all is well and maybe you will get to MA States or NER this summer!


Congratulations Jason. That is extremely awesome!

Awesome! Congrats Jrod!

http://theyo.com/yoyo/images/smilies/icon_banana.gif Congrats, Jason. http://theyo.com/yoyo/images/smilies/icon_super.gif

That’s great, congrats Jason!

Thanks for the messages, everyone. It’s a real honor to have the opportunity to collaborate with One Drop, which is such a great group of people. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Congrats!

When this was brought to my attention I was super excited! I’m so glad that great things are happening for you jrod! Congratulations bud.

One of my past students directed this to my attention and it really made my day. :slight_smile:

Congrats to One Drop as well. Jrod is a great ambassador. Excellent choice.

Congrats to all!

See ya!