Welcome to the NEW YoYoExpert Forums!

Welcome to the YoYoExpert Forum Community!

You will find all the information you need to go from beginner to expert with the modern yo-yo! And whether you are learning a new trick, looking for a new throw, or trading yo-yos the YoYoExpert Forum community is the best place to discover it!

For pre-existing users: All posts from the original forum have been moved over including your account! If you had an account and have not logged in to the new forum you must reset your password. Click ‘LOG IN’ and “I forgot my password”. Use your email to reset. Then send a direct message to @yoyobot and say “@yoyobot start new user”

Please note the ‘old YoYoExpert App’ we had will no longer work with the new forum software. This current software is built from the ground up to work perfect on mobile! If you wish to get notifications on your phone you can download the Discourse App for iPhone or iPad or the Android App. You can also enable notifications on any modern desktop browser.

Get started on the forums here:

If you have any problems we are an email or direct message away! We look forward to having you as part of our community!

André Boulay

p.s. as always, let’s keep it fun and friendly, so please remember our forum guidelines.


Thank you so much for the new version!! :slight_smile:


Also here are some tips n’ tricks if you are new to the forums :hugs:


How do I turn off notifications? Looks like by default every comment you’ve ever made has notifications turned on for it, I’m getting emails for old threads, and would like to shut them all off.


Hey @AaronW!

Yes - you can access all your preferences (and notifications) by clicking your ‘avatar’ in the top right of the screen. Then click the ‘gear’ to access settings:


From there you click through to your ‘preferences’ and to ‘notifications’:


You can also see what topics you are set to ‘watching’ or ‘tracking’ (or if a post comes up you do not want to track you can click to stop watching/tracking at bottom left of that page).


Let us know if any other questions come up! :blush:


By default you should only get emails when

  • the reply is on a topic you created (and thus you are watching that topic as its creator)
  • someone directly replied to one of your posts

… and you’re not actively in the browser, pinging the site, of course.

In addition to what André said above, you can chance your email preferences in https://forums.yoyoexpert.com/my/preferences/emails


I’m getting some glitches using it on my phone. Sometimes the reply button won’t work and it displays only a thin sliver of a picture I’ve posted. Also, when I try to move the cursor, I have to press 1cm below it for it to register that I’ve pressed it.

There’s a bug in the current version of Android Chrome having to do with the address bar, which can make touches offset by exactly the height of the address bar. Make sure the address bar is either hidden or not-hidden (whatever is the opposite of the current state) and that should help.

Scrolling up or down changes the visibility state of the address bar.

In general, you want to be on the latest version of Android Chrome though. ( I just checked and supposedly this bug is fixed in Chrome 68 which should be out soon.)


Chrome 68 is out now and should fix that problem, hopefully! Be sure to update Android and your apps regularly.

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To what extent is Google integrated in to this website?

I do not understand the question? Google crawls everything here and you can find anything here with a Google search, except of course stuff that is private like PMs or staff categories.

Hey, can i ask? What are the codes used to make text bold, use a different font, etc.?
What i know of is “hi” and “aaa” but im unsure about the others.

Btw “_ (insert word) _” and “* (insert word) *” has the same effect hmm

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You can press the bold button in the toolbar to make bold. It looks like this


That will also show you how to type it as well. HTML bold, BBCode bold, and Markdown bold all work.


@EthanV I can’t take credit for this and wondered this myself when the forum migrated, but another Discourse forum user created this unofficial guide:

Or try this simplified version:

@codinghorror might be able to shed light if the YYE Forum follows a similar list of markdown :+1:


That is good advice but it is simpler to press the toolbar button for bold.


Just seems odd that the forum pulls our full name from our Google account, and I’m also being told what browser I’m using, and OS. I’m sure most websites have this sort of information about us when we sign up, I was just taken aback from seeing it displayed like that.

Well, yeah. But im pretty sure its still safe.

I’m sorry if this has already been addressed, but I’m just returning to the forum after a long hiatus. Is there any way to view a user’s trade count/feedback or has this feature been scrapped?

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Currently no, there isn’t a way to view it. All of the data though was saved in the migration. It’s being worked on.

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Also, italic and bold are coded with single and double asterisk