Weirdest YoYos Used In Competition?

I’d have to agree. I’m usually a sucker for marble colorways on plastics, but there’s just something about the grey, the black ring, and the yellow detailing in the center… It looks less like a toy and more like a tool, maybe?


I like to mix it up at the contest! LOL

Ive made it a personal tradition to compete with a random yoyo in prelims and if I ever made finals to always use the YoYoFactory catch 22!

Also fun fact I like to wear the Red checkered fleece every single year LMAO!!

2014 - YoYoJam Kickside
2015 - YoYoFactory Velocity
2016 - YoYoFactory Stainless steel whistling yoyo
2017 - YoYoFactory Popstar
2018 - YoYoFactory too hot (was gunna use the YoYoFactory heist but too risky LOLOL)
2019 - Injured :frowning:
2020 - YoYoFactory Mighty Flea?!?!?!:thinking::thinking::white_circle::white_circle::white_circle:


@Nathan what was the crystal ball for in the video? Was it attached to a yo-yo?

The Dietz is a pretty unusual one, but what really stands out is that it’s actually a contest model!

Looks like a contact juggling ball sitting in a yo-yo. I assume it was there to look cool.

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I so want to see a video of these!


Half Czech point pivot half metal replay, same weight

One side organic, another w

One side amazing for fingerspins, the other for thumb


YoYoFactory Stainless Steel Whistling Yo-Yo Prelim VA States 2016:

YoYoFactory Popstar Prelim VA States 2017



I bought a Protostar before I knew what unresponsive was. When I tried a gravity pull and it didn’t come back up my heart was broke.

lol @Eric_Koloski you use a pop star and put most of us to shame! Nice!


Yeah it was a pretty hard flex

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Luckily I did a little research before I bought mine, so at least I knew it was my fault when I couldn’t get it to come back haha

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Bergy used to use the werrd paq, which inspired the Float. He competed with both. Neither are particularly great comp yoyos but he made it work