Weirdest thing EVER!

Seriously, this was so weird. This was weirder than hitting old ladies with yoyos, weirder than anything you can come up with.

So my class is now in the middle of a huge project, where we cooperate with Terje Isungset, a lunatic of a drummer. This guy bangs on ice (,9737.0.html). So not only does this guy bang on ice, he’s also gotten into a lot of Norwegian folk music, being amazing on jew’s harp (Formed piece of steel, using the mouth as a resonator).

So did I mention that this guy is probably oneof the most insane people I have ever met? Well he is. So as he and some sax players in my class was practicing a number, he mentioned how awesome it would be to have some sort of strange acrobatics or juggling in the middle of that number. So of course, this sax players decides that the weird yoyoer in the class is worth a try.

If you haven’t guessed it yet. I’m basically going to yoyo to music, but not just to music. This lunatic of a percussionist is going to improvise to my yoyoing. And I got this message to days before the show goes live in front of hundreds of people. I’m seriously nervous about this, even though it’s only like 6-10 throws and some crowd pleasing tricks, this is srs bsns.

So, umm, yeah. I tried it out. This is now officially the weirdest thing that a yoyoer can do. No contest. I don’t know if you’ve heard a jew/jaw harp, but it’s got a boingy sound to it, it sounds pretty awesome actually.

Addment: I will see if someone videotapes it and maybe I can get a clip off up.

hahaha thats really cool!

We all want video plox. :smiley:

Bear in mind that the show goes live on Thursday. It’s Tuesday now. We’ve only run a test this far, and Terje liked it, so we’re running with it on the show.

That sounds absolutely awesome. I wouldn’t be able to do it though. Performing isn’t my high point, unfortunately, I feel like I’m showing off, or like everyone’s staring.

Didn’t mean to give you the Heebie Jeebies, though.
Good luck, I hope to see a video.

Got a short runthrough of the show. This weird mix seems well received by several teachers. The show goes live tomorrow, will be fun to see how it goes.

Well it didn’t go too bad. Only had to restart twice. Had a huge problem with moist hands. Not only were the stagelights frying me, but I was pretty nervous too. Awesome experience though. Now I need to see if someone taped this thing and maybe I can get hold of a clip.

Hey Jonas. Awesome! Nice to hear it went well.

I’m really curious about that, a video would be so sweet!