Weird tree?


Anybody have one? Are they good?


By any chance did you intend to put “werrd tre”?

(M.DeV1) #3

I have a weird tree, it looks dead but it’s actually not. It also produces this weird fruit you can’t even eat. It’s really weird. I recommend it.


^This made me lol. :smiley:


here is mine:


really mine is edible but way way way to sweet. It also smells like rotten meat And moves often


Ok, so all jokes aside, you can find a review at The review pretty much says it is very good for 1a and 3a. It is very stable apparently. Hope this helped! Also, I have a weird tree, and it often loudly says that it’s name is gorgeous randy flamethrower (it is ok if you don’t get that reference).


The tree thread haha. Yeah there a review on yoyoskills.


Thread of the century.

(WildCat23) #10

I have a weird tree. It grows Code 2’s.


I wish I had a weird tree :frowning:


you think yo could send me a seed for one of those


I own a smooth move bush the length is getting out of hand