Weird spam going on here...

What is the deal with all the weird spamming going on around here lately??

Weird ads about wigs and making money fast etc…

Just have to report it. Like everything else. although I do wonder how they even get in here. Or find a website like this to spam.

Not sure why its suddenly happening but an upgrade to the forums is next on our near future list. :slight_smile:

Reporting when you see it is greatly appreciated.

Yay! Go Xenforo, please - so many good features!

I love that a mod took it upon themselves to move a thread that Andre himself posted in without moving, so clearly it wasn’t “unrelated discussion”.

Andre and YoYoExpert Garrett often leave the heavy lifting to the hired help. :wink:

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Yoo check and make sure you don’t have some sort of buggy extension or plugin installed on your browser.