Weird circumstances yoyo


What was the most weird place or circumstance you ever play yoyo?

I start: I played yoyo in a hot air balloon flying over Cappodicia, Turkey!


I always yoyo when I’m walking the dogs at the dog park. Most people don’t do 1A while walking, but it suits me fine. :wink:


This was probably back in 2007, top(the very top) of Blackcomb mountain just outside Whistler.

(WildCat23) #4

The edge of this cliff…

Not my picture

(Owen) #5



Every time my kids bathe, I yoyo while keeping an eye out to make sure they don’t drown. Bathroom yoyoing is de rigeur over here, but a weird circumstance for many.

“Wait… you’re trying to make sure your kids aren’t drowning and you’re… yoyoing?”


On the deck of a US Navy destroyer, putting on a show for the Canadians during an UNREP (underway replenishment).


On top of a giant sphere made of concrete and in a wild west town in az


The shower.

Also in a tree.


on a rock in the middle of a creek. We were hunting for snakes and I stopped to enjoy the sounds and throw my yoyo


on top of a car, ghost ridin the whip lol. It wasn’t that safe but I got 30 bucks from that bet lol (NEVER DO THAT KIDS)


You people yoyo in high places. I prefer lower. New orleans


I also did yoyo in an 3000 year old underground city that had 8 stories, also in Cappodicia.