are lighter or heavier yoyos faster im not sure.

I don’t think weight is a big factor in speed. My quark is heavy but plays fast, while my skyline is lighter and stills plays fast.


Yes. A Protostar which is light, people say it plays very fast and floaty. Actually, for sidestyle play, it plays not as floaty as you would think.

Heavy yoyo’s play slow though. But fast or slow, it’s fine. Hiroyuki Suzuki’s Phenom has very heavy gold weight rings but he can still do “Mickey Fury” on it.

heavier = faster
there’s a reason the buddha king two is so heavy

it’s for sleep time. There is a reason you never see the buddha king in competitions

Are you talking about sleep time? We’re talking about floatness here. The Buddha King is so heavy because for the spin time, not how floaty it is.

oh, we’re talking about floatyness?
nevermind then
I thought we were talking sleep time.

If you whip a pebble in the air, your probably not even going to see it fly. If you throw a heavy rock in the air you’ll see how slow it moves. Same principle with yoyos. However that is simply a raw weight example. What is most important here is design and shape. The Spyy pro is a full size 67.5 gram throw with acute angle rims. The 888x is an undersized throw weighing nearly the same at 67.7 or there abouts but with a traditional butterfly shape, and yet the Pro is a much faster player due to its design. Now compare the Spyy pro to the god tricks Destiny, both similar in shape but the destiny weighs 66 grams (1.5 grams lighter than the pro) and is much faster than the Pro. The Yuuksta’s design is faster than the Dv888 even though they are the same weight at 65 grams. So design and weight work together this regard.