Weekender vs Weekender fingerspin?

Besides the obvious, the raised area in the center for better fingerspin control and the slightly heavier weight. What other differences are there and how differently do they play. Haven’t seen much info on the newer throw.

Looking to purchase one from Doc Pop’s site soon.


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the weekender is one of my all time favorite yoyos, both variants rock. i’ve got a standard Weekender in Superblack, and then 2 Weekender FS’s one unengraved clear that I have set up for 5A and a brown-grey/pink-grey half-swap.

I think I prefer the Weekender FS due to the extra weight and possibilities the finger spin hubs open up. the extra weight is purely in the center of the yoyo so its not as stable, but it makes up for it by being crazy floaty and really easy to control with regens, flips, and varials. The extra weight also makes it just a smidge less responsive for me, which I prefer as well. Overall I the FS is a more fun experience for me personally.