Weaver Strings Review

Overview Of strings:
Weaver Strings is an up and coming string company. I have a feeling they will be very popular in the near future; such great strings, at a good price for home-made strings. They come conveniently without a knot so you can pick your length if you are a rather tall person. Mine were both between 4 feet 4 in. and 4 feet 7 in. which I am guessing is the standard for these strings; somewhere in there. They Come in two types right now and Various colors. I recieved a powdery Pink and and green.

                                            [b] Type T (Thick)[/b]

This is the Thicker version of weaver strings known as Type T. When it comes to regular feel, this string is amazing. It feels lot like throwing a new soft blanket. It is so thick and soft it is like holding a 100$ bill ( Meaning it is just amazing). This string in my case resulted in little to no string burn. I did some tricks like Asian Pops for 30 seconds straight as fast as possible and did not get any string burn. This string plays just like regular string except with more comfort on your fingers while doing regular tricks, but this string also does well with all other tricks. With whips this string is not exactly ideal (Please note it is most likely far better than most string you have tried still). But I would still say it far surpasses regular string you buy in bulk. But this string holds its tension very well making it very ideal for more Slack type things. The string took me a while to find a good tension, but once I did it held for a very long time, and handled quite a bit of consecutive suicides.Overall I would rate this string a 9/10 in playability, feel, and size/thinckness. Just for comparison I would give standard Bulk string a 5.5/10.

                              [u][b]Type t (Thin)[/b][/u]

This string is a much thinner string. To start off, I will just say this string is more geared toward the faster players with more whips slacks etc. This string seems to excel a little more in the category of how fast it can whip around to perform intricate whip tricks like x-laceration and various others. But I think this string also compromises in the fact it gives minimal string burn on certain tricks, and doesn’t quite hold tension as well. Because this string is so thin, I feel that is the key element in how it performs whips, faster slacks, etc. It sounds weird, but this string plays fine if you are a slow player, but I feel it excels in faster play. I am not sure why it seems to be this way but from what I can tell it is for some reason. Also please note that I am not a very fast player, but can be at certain times for very few, simple tricks.This string also has a comfortable feel on your hands during play. Often thinner home-made strings have a wire like feel that creates a horrible string burn. Luckily in this case you have very minimal string burn with a great feel. For some reason I also liked the way this string had very tight,snappy binds. keep in mind this also depends on design factors and response in your yo-yo.

  If you are looking to buy some good, inexpensive strings, I would definetly recommend you get these strings. The type you get is for you to figure out depending on your preferences and style. So if you have never tried home-made strings, or are just looking to buy some more, check this out http://www.weaverstrings.com/. And their strings are only 5$ for 10! That is absolutely a very fair price for such quality , precision, and beauty!