We need the help of the community, please!

A week ago i posted our(Pyrotechnic’s and my) YYF Acrobat Top and it still hasn’t sold. I talked about how we were struggling on one part-time income and that I hadn’t been able to find a job in two years.

Well now things are worse, top that with NO income as of Friday. We need to fix our car, pay our bills and have a place to live. It would greatly help us just to sell our top and maybe anything else I list on ebay in the next weeks that you are interested in(not all yoyo related). We know there should still be some people that know us and consider us friends in the community we hope you will take a moment and help us out. Hate to feel like we’re begging, but we’re not going to make it much longer where we are without SOME help.

We cannot simply just pack up, move and find jobs else where(our lease has horrible fees if we break it and we can’t afford moving costs obviously), but willing to take advice or any help you’re willing to give.

If you would rather give a couple bucks over buy something from us just to show you care please do, I can send my paypal address if needed.