Charity yoyo sale (CLYW, YYF, SPYY, others)

This post is not a typical yoyo sale.
I have a misfortune.
August 24, I had an accident. I was riding a motorcycle. I collided with car at a speed of 45 miles. My girlfriend injured her legs and got a concussion. 11 stitches were put on my knee.

I need to sell my yoyo to pay the bills to the hospital. If you have long wanted to buy a yoyo, which I have, but put off the purchase. Now is the best time buddy to help me. This is charity and at the same time a good stuff. My brother will be able to send the parcel worldwide.


  1. Genesis (3)
  2. Dogma the 1st run
  3. Supernova
  4. Avant-Garde 44clash
  5. DNA
  6. 44
  7. Protostar Gravictor
  8. Severe
  9. PGM
  10. PGM
  11. Super-G
  12. Equilateral (2)
  13. Catalyst (2)
  14. Yuksta
  15. G5
  16. Edge


  1. IGLOO (without engraving)
  2. Avalanche red bike ed
  3. Avalanche OG
  4. Avalange FG
  5. AC 1 the 1st run
  6. Jacknife

String Theory

  1. Lotus
  2. Lotus (bid-blased)


  1. Spyder 2

  2. Darkstar 2011

  3. Master Galaxy

  4. Mo-vitation


  1. Dasher

  2. Brave

  3. Bounty Hunter

  4. Norstria prototype

  5. Pilsner prototype

  6. YYJ Trinity

  7. sOMETHING Super Fly 7075

  8. Werrd Hour

  9. Freerider

  10. 9.8 Orange

  11. Broken Fingers prototypes (2)

  12. YYR Overdrive replika

  13. TP Positron replika

  14. Mini monster (SOLD)

  15. YYR Diffusion

  16. Alchemy Yoyo Silk

  17. Cold Metal V8

  18. Aero-yo Rocket Fighters ed rare

  19. YoyoJoker DoubleJoker new

  20. YYJ Rextreme

Paypal ready. I have 100% feedback on YYE BST, Ebay, FB BST.
Thank you for your interest and please massage me.


Oof, I hope you end up with enough money to pay your bills and everything turns ok. Good luck:)


How much for the Equilateral?

Come on people show some love and buy some throws help a brother out…all those great bst deals you have gotten…pay it forward

Hey all. I just wanted to say I bought a yoyo from @Mrdanet awhile back. Arrived from Russia yesterday. Yoyo was in perfect condition, not a single issue, and no complaints. If you were hesitant to buy, you should feel a bit more at ease.

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What’s your prices on the cylws?

also curious about clyw prices


PM sent


Are these still FS?

His profile says last seen sept 24… I got no reply to the PM I sent him. He’s probably just recovering

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