I am from Poland, I decide to sell some yoyos .
I prefer PayPal payment.
If you are interested in something pleas PM me.
Yoyo Boxes :

Yoyos :

2.) C3 Berserker RX (Mint With Box)

3.) YYF Supernova “Here We Yo” (one of rarest SN made in USA), (Mint With Box)

4.) Turning Point Marble Positron ,(Mint With Box)

5.) KYS SpiderMan rare ( Hard to find), Goldish , (Mint With Box)

7.) YYJ XLR8 , Mint

8.) CLYW Avalanche Black Rabitt ed. (5-6 scratches on rims)

10.) CLYW Arctic Circle Yogi ed. (4-5 scratches )

12.) YYF Supernova Here We Yo, ( 1-2 invisible scratches)

13.) SPYY Pro Red/Pink acid wash (1 ding, 3 scratches )

15.) YYJ Aquarius (Oldshool 4a yoyo, unique) (normal 4a damages)

16.) YYJ Phenomizm , Orange (without caps, 3-4 scratches)

17.) OD CODE1 1 of kind (great rare throw, only 2 scratches mayby one ding )

18.) Rare Czech Derlin , Black, some light scratches:

I’ll buy either the bonfire or the arctic circle if you still have them. Email me at if you do. Thanks!

How much for the bonfire and aquarius?

Will you do 90$ for the berserker? I am in Hawaii.