YYF Acrobat, 1st Run- RE-LISTED

THIS HAS BEEN RE-LISTED(buyer was not in the US)

Please take a look, pictures are posted in this thread if you haven’t looked yet at the larger images.


(May work out a deal to sell on the forums only if it doesn’t currently have bids and you pay by Paypal)

2 hours left!!!

Hey all, we really need someone to help us out by buying this top. We really need the money, it’s the difference of having a place to live next month or paying our necessary to life bills. We’ve been on one (part-time) income for the past 2 years and with rent increased it’s really put a strain on us. We have $0.17 from last month after paying bills and rent and we’re on food stamps now to pay for food.

It’s worth more than what we are selling it for, just trying to be fair and only selling it for the money we could use right now, which covers (Hopefully) getting the starter solenoid fixed on our car, our only transportation for work/looking for work.