We found some more 2016 MYSTERY BOXES! Last Chance!


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But… it’s not a mystery anymore…

You misplaced 109 mystery boxes?

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For real, how do you misplace over one hundred boxes?

Ikr? Lol. And it’s not a mystery box any more cuz there is a crap ton of videos of it.


Who cares that you know what is in it! These are a great deal! There are a bunch of great yoyos for a dirt cheap price! Be thankful that they give you another chance to get one. Also, if it’s not a mystery, tell me what color of each yoyo you are going to get.

I’m not saying it’s not a good deal. I’m just saying it kinda defeats the purpose of it being a “mystery box”. That is true about the color though.

Was there any other colors of the Flight other that the red/blackish swirl?

I heard of a blue/green one but never confirmed with pics… If so, I may not be able to resist much longer…

We misplaced them… there was a delayed shipment… who knows what happened… :grin:

We could have sold all these individual items at higher prices, but we thought offering more mystery boxes for everyone would be a little more fun!



I believe flight colors are all the same. Popstar colors are new though!

The yoyos in that box are pretty decent. It make an awesome gift set for any one getting into yoyoing.

I think it is pretty cool of the YYE team to do this. We never would have known if they would have decided to sell the yoyos individually, and, I think make a bit more profit. They offered the mystery boxes at the original price, and catch criticism. Maybe I’m wrong here, but, I think the appropriate response to the OP is “Thank you”


I completely agree :slight_smile: Thank you!

I still want one!

Sorry man, we gave plenty of chances this year. You’ll have to wait for the next one!