We All Want That One Yo-Yo!


You know every time there’s a new cool looking, smooth and steady playing yoyo well, in the promo videos there’s always that one yoyo you really like the color way of but you just can never find it! Don’t you just hate that?!

The YYJ Theory for example, why for the life of me can I never find that color way used in the video?!

Also, I was watching a Capless promo video, this is the coolest semi solid color way!

Anyone know anymore?! Share up!


I’ve always wanted a Pink OG Project… Now I have one coming in the mail ;D


I have always wanted any clyw yoyo i like the bvmr2 , the chief, summit and puffin

(kclejeune) #4

THIS. Green is my favorite…


Always wanted an OG bvm.


Lilith Project. I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced one for 3 years with no luck at all.


oh yeah, that’s a classic.

it’s madness I tell you :-\


I want a c3 darksonic but I have never tried but people who have said it one of the most dead smooth and vibe less yoyo ever but sadly this yoyo is underrated.


I always wanted a CLYW. I looked at the Summit and decided I was going to get it in the next 2 weeks no matter what. I spent the first week on BST with no success. I then jogged 4 miles to a store and got a Summit after digging for change in the house. Needless to say, it plays amazing and is not my favorite throw in my growing collection of 7 yoyos.

Edit Now that I read this, I realized it reads: “It is not my favorite throw” HAHAHA what a fail. What I meant was that it is NOW my favorite throw.


The Dark Sonic has got to be the smoothest yoyo I have played, and I have played many many yoyos from many many different companies. It just felt so nice just to hold.

I got the black acid wash outside and orange cups edition


That one is pretty awesome hah




The new recrevs. @ + silly goose + freq wave + octave + octave 3 + f(x). I have become biased about recrev ever science i got my Sine//Saw. 8)




I can never find the white and red Northstar





well, we all can agree RecRev is pretty awesome.


I crave the :-* the 1st run ILLY liopleurodon


The YoyoJam Synergy that was never released…


but it has a lot of bugs but yeah it would be very awesome if it releases.