it works. I used it and it keeps my bearing basically silent and it plays as good as if I just bought it.


That’s it? :wink:

Cool to know!

Even though I already knew it…


It’s got a bad rap due to a lot of misinformation. I’ve used it with good results on a few yoyos. It’s good for reworking some bearings that otherwise don’t seem to want to come back to life. I use it regularly on most of my tools and also as a general lubricant on door hinges etc.


yeah. if you know how to clean a bearing just use wd-40


WD-40 gives the best results if you keep the bearing in the WD-40 solution for 8-10 hours, this kind of lube need hours to work at 100%.

I usually put the bearing in a contact lens coin or a small conteiner.