i neeed a tip on cleaning bearing

can i use wd40?

I need to know that too.

Its better if you use stock bearing witha yoyo.

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And is it similar?

That will ruin your bearing.

Ok, the bearing maintenance vid wasn’t needed here. I wonder if we can get that thing stickied. ;D

Also, WD40 will completely wreck a bearing. You’re going to hear otherwise from other people. Those people don’t own your bearings. You do.

White spirits. Lighter fluid. That is all.

But the cat ain’t asking about cleaning a bearing. He’s asking whether or not he can use WD40 on it.

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i prefer to use mineral spirits or lighter fluid

Mineral spirits will be most recommended I think. LIghter fluid is possible, but some of them are perfumated, so it can leave some “stick” to your bearing.

wd is used for makeing rusty things turn. it isnt really used for cleaning. if the ball bearing has rust in it than you should use a lil wd in it for a lil bit than clean it after about 5 mins of letting it sit with the wd. otherwise DO NOT USE WD-40. 4 things thast work fine are rubbing alcohol, lighter fulid, minral spirts, or paint thiner. i know paint thiner and minaral spirists are about the same but they do call em differnt names so i figured that would help.hope that helps.

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I suggest to not use Rubbing Alcohol. Some rubbing alcohol has water in it, so be careful.

Denatured Alcohol is the good type of alcohol to clean bearings.