Cleaning my bearing

is wd40 a mineral spirit? does it work like one?

No. Do not use it. It will kill your bearing.

WD40 is a lubricant, used for bike chains mainly, but other things as well. Mineral spirits is a paint thinner.

Yes, I’ve heard WD40 will kill your bearing as Samad said. Don’t use it. You could try lighter fluid or paint thinner…


How bout brake parts cleaner?

Do you not have Mineral Spirits (or another paint thinner) or lighter fluid?

ANY cleaner will work just fine. WD-40 will work just fine BUT you MUST lube it when you are done. WD-40 will remove any lube and also remove water. The reason people say it will kill your bearing is because when they use it and not lube it, the WD-40 will dry and there is no protection from water… Even if its from humidity. If you lube it then you add a barrier between the bearing and the moister. I’ve used it on 10 ball’s, EZO’s, and all stock bearings. You just have to lube!

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But WD-40 isn’t a cleaner of any kind. It’s just a lubricant. Also, you can use water, but you would have to dry it 100% on all of the balls and in the compartment the balls are in or else you’ll rust it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but lubing won’t get rid of the water.

Guys im just gonna buy lighter fluid but i need to know, is it cigarette lighter lighter fluid or charcoal lighter fluid?

if your going to buy lighter fluid at a hardware store just buy mineral spirits its way better

no my dad works at stater bros and is getting it at work

WD-40 is meant to prevent rust. That’s why people use it on bike chains. You can use it on yoyos, but honestly, i don’t think there’s a need to move away from mineral spirits. Mineral spirits seems to work just fine, so we really don’t need to use other things.

Oh and:


Then where does evolution of yoyoing go if we dont try new things?

Zippo and charcoal lighter fluid works fine.

Apetrunk, Mineral spirits was made to clean paint brushes and painting equipment. Not for yoyo’s.
I am with you that its the best right now but if we don’t try to further yoyoing and its concepts and modding ideas then it will become stale.

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Amazingly put!
Almost philosophical. lol.

Well put. If somebody does an experiment to see how well certain things clean the bearings and gives us the results, then I would be all for using that. (If you could get a few bearings and purposely put stuff in them, about the same amount in each bearing, and then clean them with different things, you could compare the results. Yay for science.)

philosophical, the word of the day