Is it really important to lube your bearing and i have the yyj speeder and how do i get the bearing out? an what should i use?

thanks Jesusfreak


I find it extremely important to do it every few days. I use YYJ Thin and Thick Lube, which you can order from this site at a discount. To take it apart, you just twist it. It may take you a little while to unscrew it when you just get it. If your bearing is stuck in the groove, just use pliers to GENTLY take it out.


I always use some old worn down Needle nose pliers. if you don’t have that you can use some barbecue tongs. also you can go here it tells you every thing you need to know about your yo-yo.

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You sound like Dwight from the office. “Question!” Funniest show ever.


it is important, if you dont lube, the bearing will start to rust


Ok thanks everyone. i’ll try to get some thin lube soon. but i’m getting a kon kave soon. But i still want to take care of this bearing. But will it hurt it if i use wd-40.

thanks everyone Jesusfreak


Sometimes, WD-40 can screw up your bearing. I don’t suggest it.


Thats because there’s water in it.


I have YYJ black knight and I didn’t use lube yet.I have it for 2 months and now I have noticed that it becomes responsive so I’ll buy thin lube soon