ways to reduce responsiveness of a yoyo

well i got a code 2 for christmas all was great until it stated being noisy so i put 1 drop of v4m and it became responsive so i played for 2 hours and it could do slacks and whips (jades irons brents and ninja vanish) but stil lcouldn’t grind w/o it shooting back to hand so i cleaned it in mineral spirits then with acetone then i spun it on a pen till it spun dry then put 1 drop of v4m and its back to ungrindable what can i do to stop this? its a stock code 2

play with it till hte bearing breaks in

i put it on a dremel still can’t grind.

It’s the lube job.

how do i reduce the amount of lube i use

Put it on the tip of a pin.

First, clean out the bearing completely using acetone. I find acetone works better than mineral spirits. Just my experience.

Second, control yourself. Seriously. Whatever amount you think you need, cut that by 50-75%.

If lubing a bearing and it’s unshielded, dip a pin or needle in the lube, touch that drop to one or two balls. Spin. Repeat if desired. Re-shield if desired and play. The lube will break in quickly, within a minute or two.

If lubing a bearing with the shields ON, use a half a drop or less. The lube will seep around the shield, typically through the gap between the shield and the inner race. Breaking in can take longer, but we’re not talking massive amounts of time.

With lube, less is more. Too much slows it down too much. Too little and you risk galling and wrecking the bearing. It’s not a fine line, it’s a zone. The good thing is that unless you’ve wrecked the bearing(very unlikely), you can always just clean it out and start over.

thank i was just following the thing on the bottle “one drop is all it takes” lol.

another option is just playing it dry. I play all my bearings dry, haven’t had any problem with them locking up.

Clean, lube a pin head amount, and break in.

when i play dry it makes that noise it may be a bearing defect

What bearing does the Phenomizm use?

the phenomizm uses a DIF konkave

not sure what noise you’re referring to, but dry bearings are much louder than lubed ones, as it’s metal spinning against metal without any sort of buffer.

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its a metal on metal noise its my first time hearing it from a 10ball but that maybe cause my friends do different stuff to their bearings but i got mine to be quiet but its still a little responsive at times

Or you could always get some dry play lube. I’ve heard great things so I just ordered some earlier.

When you get it let me know how you like it…

I’ll be sure too. I run my bearings dry and I think it started to ruin my bearings so I figured dry play would be best.

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