wats dis ting

Is it supposed to be rare or somewat
It even comes with a metric bearing which i think is pretty cool
also wat does vulto do now

That is a Vulto Saga from Brazil.
As far as the company, I haven’t seen anything from them recently.
Saga was very much a FH2 sort of yoyo but felt a bit cheaper. Fun to play with for sure!

Yes, looks pretty much like a FH2 knockoff.

When you say metric. Is it a size D?

Rob ably not. Maybe the size of a kmk or other euro bearing?

Who is this Rob Able guy, and what does he know about bearings? lol
Altho that was “probably” auto correct… lol

it was better in chrome - http://www.yoyomuseum.com/?351

We picked up these from Vulto a couple years ago. They were a fun undersized yo-yo but sadly they had some vibe issues and we sold them at a discount. Might still have one or two kicking around the shop if you are interested at all.

6135, Hspin/ILYY size L

wow that was weird. Yeah your right, stupid auto correct

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