FT/FS 2 5x11x3.5 bearings


These are all for sale or for trade. Shipping to US is included in the prices.

2 5 x 11 x 3.5 mm bearings from boca bearings. $10 for both. I got them to attempt to beefcake an Envy 64. It doesn’t work because the extra width throws off the axis of rotation (or something like that), so it was impossible to play with. These bearings could probably used to beefcake a different yoyo that takes d size bearings.

YYF VK : Minty with box. has hubstacks and crucial grooved bearing. $70
FHZ Transitional orange swirl : Mint. unresponsive, 1 worn pad. $30
ILYY Liopleurodon : One little ding that can barely be felt. $95 GONE
Hspin Envy 64 : Minty with package. $45 GONE
Pics here: http://img33.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=firemoon2.jpg
Auldey - Firemoon with hubstacks (no bearing, d-size) $35 $30: Mint besides the flames starting to rub off. has some vibe on grinds. I replaced the crappy pads with one drop pads. GONE
YYF - Frantic blue $45 : Mint. GONE
CLYW - Bearing-Gull Peak $105 : Mint. no pics yet, but i’ll take some if you have a good offer. GONE
Alchemy - CU $35. great condition. GONE
DV888 $30 : has some dings. comes with a 10 ball. GONE
Werrd - TFL Groovy Lady black anodized. few marks. smooth. if you have a good trade offer, i’ll take pics. GONE
CLYW - Wooly Marmot aqua/green acid wash $100 : Mint GONE
Chico - Bulldog blue/purple marble matte finish $90 : GONE Mint except for a very tiny dent on the side of the irg. It’s barely noticeable and I think it came like that.
Werrd - TFL Groovy Lady raw $55 : as mint as it can be. I think it’s impossible to have one without fine scratches on it. GONE
Hany - Hany 2 purple/grey $45 : Mint. I replaced the crappy silicone with rtv silicone. I really enjoy playing with this. The only flaw for me is the vibe. GONE

Money (paypal only)
Pistolero v2
Anything awesome

I’m trading the VK for my bro, so I’ve separated his wants.
Wants for VK:
Anything awesome




That VK is amazing, $70 shipped to Kuwait?
Pwetty Pwease? :smiley:

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