Watching categories for a specific word

I know I can watch an entire category, but can I watch for a specific word within the category. For example, I want to watch the BST for “weekender” is there something similar I can setup?


That’s a cool idea.


There is a plugin that does this called “saved searches” but I can’t remember if it is for staff only or not.


It looks like its trust level based. I’ll take a look. Cool idea/feature.


You’ve inspired me to setup an IFTTT formula to alert myself when anything Doc Pop shows up on the BST. Getting a txt that tells me to go on the YYE BST and scoop up a Weekender will be so dope.


Setting up this formula is a pain in the butt. @codinghorror consider adding IFTTT support to discord discourse :pray:t2:

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I’ll try, but I don’t really know anyone at Discord


Victimized by autocorrect yet again.
Well I got it working for reddit.

This is usually something that site owners & staff want to set up more than end users though.

I pretty much figured out how to IFTTT a txt message for a weekender on the YYE BST but it requires MS Outlook so I’m going to keep at it until I can get it working through gmail alone. But here’s the formula for Reddit, this will notify me with an alert to my phone if someone puts a Weekender for sale, Boolean can be changed to whatever you want for all my fellow deal hunters.