"Watch Product"

I think it would be a cool feature for the website where you could watch a product that is out of stock, and you would be alerted/emailed when it becomes available again. If this works, you could maybe add a feature where it could alert you when the stock is low (< 5 left, for example)…

I’m looking to buy some string right now, but YYE is all out of yellow so would be nice if I could just be notified when that one item is in stock again. Could work the same way if I’m looking for a specific colorway/hoping for a restock of a certain throw…

What do you guys think?

this sounds like a great idea! some other stores do this and i think it would be amazing if yoyo expert did this!

Pretty useful i think

Sounds cool

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve seen several people on the forums “waiting” for a specific color of a throw to be restocked, including me!

Sounds awesome

I’m with you. This would be a great feature.

This needs to go to Andre!

I like It!

I think a watched product thing would be very useful. A friend of mine is always looking for specific string colors that seem to be out when he wants to get them.

For me, I’d like more advanced notification in regards to new items, namely a “coming soon” feature. I don’t buy all new releases, but I like to know when stuff I do want is heading this way. Even if it was a weekly email saying “Coming soon” and “YYE re-stocks” and I could sift through it and find what I’m looking for, and if possible, the dates it will be available, and even better: price or price ranges and colorways.

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Same here!

Great idea. I know a lot of people are waiting for specific colorways for certain throws so this would certainly help those people.

Lets tie a note to a rock and send it through his bedroom window!!!


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Lol indeed

Well, for the time being, Google Chrome has a “Monitor Page” extension that YoyoGeezer, NathanC, or one of the other YYR guys told me about. It’s quite useful and simple–set it to monitor a page, and if any changes happen on said page, you receive a notification. It isn’t ideal, because you have to have Chrome open, I believe, but it’s better than nothing!

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Good to know, thanks!

I actually quite enjoy this idea, would really be helpful when waiting for a certain colorway.

Great idea! Producers can be notified (or have some counter/spreadsheet) of which colorways and which yoyos are in highest demand, so they can adjust production accordingly. We’re happy, and they’re happy. I don’t think “Watch” is the best name for it though, maybe a Wishlist instead.

Watch-I want to buy this product and will buy it once it is back in stock.

Wishlist-Things I am “wish” I could get. Might buy when I have more money, maybe will I will receive it as a gift for my birthday or holiday.