the question about strings...


what is the deal about strings???

do we have just one trick ponies who produce them? they cannot make enough?

if they advertise their wares they should be available as far as I am concerned.

but NO. no freaking strings.

so stop talking about YOUR strings if you have none to sell.

I, for one, am tired of getting a 0 available for something…




Thier are still Magic Threads and Lightning Bolts in stock señorita.


not sir thanks so much…

do you know how to spell??



OKOK, I fix it, I fix it.


If something is at 0 stock, it should be automatically removed. Seriously.


Is this what they call irony?


why? A lot of people may want information on it before a restock. That would take a lot of nice info off the store that people use.


No, this is called Irony


XD Ty, i was gonna do it


Lol irony at it’s best and yeah I agree that they should not advertise it if there is none in stock. It’s just a waste of time all together.


Well, I’m not saying it’s a great thing, but all the stores do it. It’s probably a lot more work to take things down, and put them back up again. You’d have to keep track of the files you are removing, or accidentally re-do pages that you have already done. It gets confusing, I’m sure.

I walk into brick and mortar stores that do that all the time. Best Buy (electronics store) for example. I had one of those member cards where you buy stuff and get points, and I used to spend a lot in there. I picked out an Ipad, “sorry out of stock.” I picked out an LCD TV on another occasion, “sorry out of stock.” Some time later, I picked out a laptop, “sorry out of stock.” I mean, I spent about an hour walking around clicking on laptops and selecting one for them to tell me it’s out of stock. I was thinking, “why don’t they remove it from display?” >:( Actually, I said that to the staff. They said that the manufacturers pay them to keep the stuff on display, and they send representatives around to make sure the items are always consistently on display, whether they are currently in stock or not.

It didn’t make me feel any better, and that won’t make you feel any better, just food for thought. Leaving the stuff up there, when it will eventually be restocked, is still a means of advertisement, and helps generate demand for the product. I see YoyoExpert remove plenty of things from the store when they are out of stock, so I can presume there is a system in place to remove things when it makes sense to do so. I guess the same thing might apply to string. :-\


Most sites put up a big ‘out of stock’ sign that easily catches the eye right at the product list page. here you accually have to click inside and check every option.


Both Ginny and Total Artist are right. I understand that items get sold out. That is what the retailer is in business to do. The frustrating parts is:
Item 1 - sold out
Item 2 - sold out
Item 3 - sold out
And this applies to ALL yoyo (and other) retailers.

Nuf said.


What strings were you looking for Ginny? If it was something on our site we can let you know when to expect the next restock. A lot of the time we leave items up even if they are “out of stock” so people know we carry them and that they are just currently unavailable. Leaving the product active also keeps the product information available to everyone. Even though it is out of stock, you can still read through all the different items and once it is back in stock you will know exactly what you want.

Send us an email, we can let you know exactly when to expect a restock of whatever string/yo-yo you are looking for.



Yeah please don’t change that! I reference old items all the time for comparison, color names etc. That being said I wish there was a way to say “Out of Stock” on the main item if ALL colors/styles of a specific item are out of stock. Saves having to check each option to see if it’s available.


That makes sense to me. When I have a product inquiry, I always use the contact information in the menu above, and I always get a timely response. I always email:

I like things the way they are. Seeing “out of stock” on the main page would be quicker, but it looks unsightly.