is there a way that you might be able to add a wish list feature?


id be interested in a wish list feature with an option to number the product according to desire
1 must have
2 want
3 consider buying

this would make my time between orders much easier, it would also make remembering what out of stock items i wanted (also might be able to incorporate a notification system for out of stock items on the wishlist when the item(s) are restocked.

thanks for considering.


If it could be incorporated, I don’t think it needs “categories”. If you are wanting it, you add it to the wish list and you could be emailed or notified when it stocks. Maybe have the exact option, such as, say a “Avalanche, Clareview Station” so when it comes in, you know it’s available. Then, you could choose to add or move that to your cart.

You can always choose to not buy a “Wished for” item.

It would also be nice to have a cart system in place that you could access through logging in, but that’s another issue.

Back to the “wish list”: So I can avoid wasting time, once I find an item I want, I actually add that to a shopping/wants page in my database. If it’s a yoyo, it includes specs and other information I typically log, so that way if I do buy it, I can copy the entry and past it into the regular “items in inventory” database. I have a different page for accessory type items.

I also have a few notepad pages in my iPhone of the items I want along with retail prices. This one is simple: Brand, model, option(color usually). This helps me stay on track of things and helps me avoid paying too much, especially when I am out and about at yoyo meets, contests and other stores. I also check YYE and the other places I buy from on a regular basis.

If we could get notifications of items we want being restocked, that would be great. I know that would help drive some sales.


im just going off how another site that i buy from regularly has their wishlist setup and i find it extremely useful to have options on how to categorize your wants, so you can see when something you really want is in stock versus something you sorta want.

i guess for you it wouldn’t matter, but for some it is a great feature and something id like to see, but if it were just a simple wish list i’d be ok with that too.


I still think the wishlist idea is a good idea. Honestly, adding that and a shopping cart tied to the store log-in are upgrades/enhancements/features I really feel YYE needs to address.


rumor has it that there are some upgrades coming, what those are i dont really know and when it will happen i dont really know either only that there are some needed upgrades coming.