Would it be possible to get a wishlist for the YYE shop? I think it would be pretty cool if you could just email your wishlist to someone, they buy it for you, then it shows up at your door. I know about gift certificates, but… I think this might be a pretty good idea too.

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The wishlist idea would be cool. Then I could email my wife a list of what me and the kids want, and then she could have hard proof of something she could give me grief over!

No, seriously though. I think that would be a nice feature.

My thought is when you have too much on a site it gets cluttered, Hard to find things and and causes the site to go slower. If you really want something make it your homepage and let her know this is what you want. lol

Great. let my make a new page on my domain and put my wish list there:


And in that order!

(I’m on my own feeding my yoyo habit for myself and my kids. It’s better that way)

Well, sometimes people who have very low knowledge of how to use a computer(my aunts) will try to get you that, and might just screw up…

I also like the wishlist idea with a function that informs/emails you on when an item has been restocked. I’m unsure of how often restocks occur, but I would like to be informed if YYE ever gets more of the Dark Magic II in Blue.