Was there ever a fool's gold run of the Cliff?

Was there ever a fool’s gold run of the Cliff?
if so, when, and in what colors?

Yes, there were some Fool’s Golds. I don’t know how many, but there was at least one run. The only color I remember off the top of my head is Ash Berry.

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There were some not too long ago.

I believe there was a FG edition of all the ones released in the run with Camp Caribou.

Yes. About 2 months ago, I think. One each in several different colorways.

I remember wanting to get a few to cut up. I went offline for just a little while. And when I booted back up, they were ‘Gone’.

They were only about 70 bucks?

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Lets hope they do another fool’s gold run for Cliffs again. I would totally love to get a cliff. I just cant see myself spending $155 on another yoyo after I just bought the new genesis for $120. But ill definitely get a cliff if they make a fools gold edition for $70. Its just a more reasonable price.

You paid… $120… For a… Genesis?

The new genesis.

The new Genesis. the Lis Enrique edition. and you have no idea how worth it it was. this is the greatest yoyo ive ever played with. it out plays the avalanche and summit easily. and is very very very close to the chief. (Im not bashing on CLYW, its just that those are the only other full metal yoyos ive played with)

Which color/edition did you get?

The Cliff, may very well be, the best yoyo I’ve ever thrown.

I can’t make myself like the Cliff. I’m on my 3rd one right now and it just won’t click.

Chris doesn’t ‘do a run of Fool’s Golds’, they’re b-grades, accidents, accidents you don’t want to replicate. Essentially you’re hoping for Chris to be less successful haha.

Trade it to me. :wink: I’m dead serious though, if you want to get rid of it, pm me!

I’m going to hang onto it for a little bit before I decide I’m 100% ready to sell :wink:

This was running through my mind when I was reading the OP. Chris doesn’t decide to do a run of FG for the sake of it.

That said, I’m pretty sure Chris makes about the same amount of profit selling FG direct through the CLYW website as he does selling A-grades through YYE. Pretty sure Chris sells normal CLYW A-grades to YYE for about 50% of their retail value.

It’s a good little win-win system he has worked out :wink: