Was that a good purchase?

So i just ordered YYF Replay Pro and it will come in a few days.Also i bought 10 strings,YYF Holder,and YYF Lube-Long Spin.I bought all of that for 40$.Was i ripped off?

Well, let’s put it this way: Your replay was $16, +$6 for the holder, another $5 for your YYF lube… In the end everything (plus shipping) all adds up. I’m assuming you purchased from here?

I think you overpaid by about $7, unless you got premium strings.

16 – replay
6 --holster
5 – lube
3 – string
3 --shipping

33 dollars

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Sounds good to me… You got a great plastic plus accessories. Good starter pack.

Such a HUGE financial transaction! I can easily see and understand your concern. Probably would have been a good thing for you to have made 'calculations using basic math and Internet research tools before you dropped the money hammer on your substantial purchase.

No turning back now. Time heals all wounds.

I pray for you swift financial recovery.

Just eat Ritz crackers and drink water for the next 3 months… You’ll make it.

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How about the Fact that the Replay Pro comes with a Center Trac bearing which usually cost $10. So your really paying what, $6 for the plastic… as for the other stuff. I couldn’t tell you.

Well, tell us how you feel about the deal. You must have some clue…

I.M.O. the Replay Pro is worth double the price.

you forgot the string!

I did, deliberately. So many variables. But…to the original poster, ask yourself this: Are you happy with your yoyo and accessories? If so, then continue to enjoy it!

I paid a little more than what a YYJ revival would cost here not realizing (around $60-ish at a local shop). Sure it’s a little more pricey but in the end I was very satisfied with it, found it to be a very under-rated throw.