Warning to all

Do not attempt to panko bread and deep fry your yoyo. Your yoyo is not some shrimp or vegetable that you can make into tempura. The result will be a charred yoyo covered in globs of weird oil, and youll cut up your mouth really bad when you try to eat it. So save yourself the risk of looking like a weird dying zombie with blood pouring out of your mouth and dont deep fry your yoyos for yoyo tempura.

Bake them into a fritter instead.


See, if you made your yoyos out of food, you wouldn’t have this issue in the first place.


Who uses panko for tempura?


What in the hay is this horse apples?
I don’t see how this is not yoyo related.
Moved to the unrelated section.
Buck this apple tree.

oh well.

Carry on.

Maybe it’s a bad recipe?..

< Scorpion knows what it’s like to get burned…

last night I had a double blended FHZ latte though. it was pretty delicious.

I was trying this with a yuuksta, but my yuuksta broke the blender. oh well