does it work?!!?!!?!!?!?

It functioned pretty well as a cookie.


I love you

SCIENCE IS AWESOME!@!!! and thats the way the cookie crumbles

tht should be your sig yoyo lol

You are my hero lol

I want one, or two

and crucial thought there’s was delicious. they ain’t got nothin’ on this. :wink:

Nabisco is coming up in the yoyo scene for sure



You can make an under-sized yo out of Oreos.

You can call it an Oreyo!

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That is so awesome!

cool… got a glass of milk?

you sir… are my new hero!

I bet Santa would leave you a Really good Present if you left him a Cpl of those with a Tall Glass of Milk

Postponing release until I can get past the choking hazard.

so much win…