edible yoyos

Okay so I came up with the idea of … Edible yoyo! For example blue = blueberry green= mint etc what would be you favorite flavor and why. Mine is red = cherry because it reminds me of … Jelly

Yeah that’d work very well.


What a crumby yoyo. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :smiley:

no edible string?

you guys are so funny.XD

Must be close to shutting this place down…

I ate this one a few years ago…



And… Now I want donuts

Just a few words of warning>

If you eat an entire Yoyo; you may become ‘Totally Unresponsive’.

And if you eat a responsive Yoyo; it will come ‘back up’.

Also, if you eat a few Meatball yoyos; spaghetti sauce goes well with the strings.

Don’t forget to order lube on the side. Olive oil for regular yoze and a light Vinagrette for loopers.



I just laughed.

Sounds like a scrumptious treat! ;D Just don’t eat the strings. lol.

I’m not sure about this idea lol. Would they be responsive or unresponsive yoyos?


i can blame my diabetes on yoyos now