Warning String can KILL or at least cost you $1000+

This is a kinda dark topic but it is a true warning that I think needs to be put out there.

Everyone knows that cats love stirng. I’m sure that every cat loving yoyoer has seen his or her cat watch them yoyo, mesmerized by the bright string. I’m also pretty sure that we have all let our cats play with the yoyo string. I use to do this very regularly and would often let my cat play with old yoyo string after I took it off tmy yoyo. However, recently my cat ate a full yoyo string whole and became very sick. I took him to the vet and he notified me that the delicate lining of a cat’s intestines can be cut even by string. Also the intestines can be blocked if the string bunches up on its self. Either of these issues can be fatal and both require a very invasive and expensive surgery to correct. Luckily my family was able to pay for the operation and my cat is fine. I just don’t want anyone else to go through this like I had to.


I am happy I didn’t do this to my cat. She loves trying to wack a cheap yo-yo.

I’m fine, my cat just likes to lay on my yoyos. Also, ho won’t eat anything that isn’t in his food bowl…

Definitely a good warning. I have a cat who loves to chew on anything she finds…being headphone cords (I’ve lost many earbuds due to her chewing), charger cords, and actually have had small cuts in my yoyo string…unaware, I went to throw and had the string break. Fortunately, she’s only gotten as far as getting the string in her mouth and spitting it back out…wet/slimy yoyo string anybody?

With this said, I tend to keep my yoyos wound up and actually in an area where she usually never goes.

I don’t normally leave my yoyos out where ever but I did have a bad habit letting my car play with old string untill this all happened

damn that sucks … $1000 plus … good to hear your cat is ok though

i am glad i have a dog … and she is scared of me yo-yoing cus i accidentally hit her once … oops :stuck_out_tongue:

My cat is afraid of my yoyos and runs away when I am yoyoing

It can happen to dogs as well. It happened to my dog a few years ago. I left a yoyo laying on the couch and she ate the string. It got wrapped around her intestines and she also got very sick and needed surgery. It could happen to any animal I’m assuming.

incidentally humans aren’t immune to this either. read this thread and thought, “I’m way more resilient than a cat. I got this.” proceeded to eat my string, which didn’t taste like candy for some stupid reason, and almost died. I didn’t go to the hospital or anything but it definitely ruined my string. it somehow survived the digestion process, but it has this weird brown tint to it now. odd.

Oddly enough, one of the other cats we have loves yoyos…he can care less about the string but has no fear of a chunk of plastic or aluminum speeding down. The noisier it is, the better for him…bonus points if it lights up. He’s been known for coming up and stopping a sleeper dead in its tracks from a strong throw. And the whole time he’s doing it he’s purring.

My girl, for years, has told me over and over,’ Don’t leave any of your yoyos where the cats can get at them. One of these days a cat is going to eat a string and get really messed up’. And over the same period, I have told me girl,’ Don’t worry about my yoyos; just keep track of ALL those pins and sewing needles you use while doing your Embroidery and stuff’. She tells me,’ Well I never, unlike you, leave my stuff unattended’.

So several months ago, I was in the Kitchen, giving 2 of my cats a 2A demo and my girl was sitting in her handmade Amish Rocking chair, doing some Ebroidery stuff on a Hoop. She set the hoop down on the chair and went back to the ‘craftroom’ to get something. She was back in less than about 45 seconds. She shouted to me,’ Patti is on the rocking chair!’ I stepped around the corner and saw the Tortie cat jump off the chair. Karen ran over and picked up the hoop and screamed, the Needle is gone! The cat ran in the Master Bedroom and hid under the Brass Bed. I crawled ALL over the floor of the house, to see if I could find that Needle??? Zero luck. I checked out the cat and She seemed fine at that time. I scoured the floor for hours on end. That night, I got a mini mag light and rolled it around the floor; looking for the glimmer of that needle?

No luck. A day or so went by and we just shrugged our shoulders and thought we dodged a bullet. Then the next day; Patti was making noises like when people try to clear their throat. And I never ever heard a Cat make any such noise like that before. Then she started walking like she was tiptoing on thin ice; very delicately.

I called up a Vet and talked about my Cat ‘Possibly swallowing a Needle. She told me Certain Death or 1800 bucks. I called another Vet and they told me to bring in the Cat before she dies screaming… approx. cost 2000 bucks. So I called another Vet and said,’ Hey I don’t even know if the cat Did swallow the needle’? They told me: 55 for visit… 150 for Xrays… if the cat shows the needle…$3000. I told the Vet,’ If I paid 3 grand for a needle removal; I might as well donate my brain to Science, since I would prove it is not working properly; that’s for sure.

So… I got the Cat and took her to ‘Another’ Vet only about 10 minutes from my house. I put the Carrier on the table and told the Doctor this,’ I’m not rich and I’m not broke. I got a cat here that most likely swallowed an Embroidery needle. I have called several Vets already and they all want me to help them make the downpayment on their new Cars, it seems. I just want to pay you enough to take your crew to Disneyland. I will make you a Deal I cannot refuse; I will pay you 1000 bucks or less; to show me just how good you are. He smiled and took an xray. Needle to the Max>> at an odd angle in her intestines; in no way leaving out the rear on its’ own.

He said, ’ I will do it; slow day today’.

Patti is fine now. Cost $850.

<>I just found it amusing that my girl soo much worried about the yoyos and it turned out to be a needle and cost me some bucks. Now I watch my yo strings even closer because I certainly don’t want to bounce for another Surgery, that’s for sure.

PS… happens to be my girls all time favorite cat. So there were really no other options.

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^^^^ wow that’s crazy… Good thing I never leave my yoyos around or any of my strings around… Yoyoing is probably the only thing … I am good at organizing well…

N I am glad my dog doesn’t like strings lol… But I’ll make sure she never gets a chance to try it

No offense, but pets and little kids aren’t the smartest things in the world and we have to take extra measures to ensure they stay out of what we don’t want them to get into.

My pugs have learned what they can and cannot touch. My kids? Not so successful. I keep finding MORE pen, pencils and scissors than I knew could possibly exist in this house. Since my kids like to destroy anything they can touch, this is becoming a serious issue. ALL my walls are covered with Sharpie, and ALL my Sharpies are accounted for COMPLETELY(they are in a plastic box).

Cats… well, cats just have additional skills and abilities. \With some individuals, it’s harder to keep them under control.

Consider yourself lucky. And thank goodness your story does have a good ending. But, it makes a good point that you need to either dispose of your used string or put it in a bag or box for safekeeping until disposed of.

ALSO, I recommend your yoyos have a place that is “put away”. It can be as simple as shoving then a dresser drawer, a shoebox or even a yoyo case.

My pugs ain’t perfect. They just have a hard time controlling themselves sometimes too. In my case, it usually involves them demanding attention or being overly playful at times. Not that I’m against cats, but it seems cats are often quite determined.

I’m a dog person. My dog watches me, but he’s got no intention of going near my yoyos or string.