Wanted: Mint Snack by Recess

Anyone got a snack they are willing to part with. I recently started yo-yoing maybe 2 months ago and got super excited to find a Snack available. It showed up and within the first 20 minutes I dinged it really good on my tile floor (I know I shouldn’t have done it but I wanted to show my wife my hook!). Anyway does someone have a new or like new they wanna sell. I know I can buy another but why get another purple.

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Saw two Snacks for sale here:

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I do have 2. Have a pending deal for mint cond Alien Galaxy. He’s asking to add other one in, but I’d rather spread the love around if you want the laserfade OG that I have.

Then sell them both of them I can have 2 mystic purple. I’ll buy new. They beat me to the punch.

The Snack is an awesome throw. Let the ding set you free and play the heck out of it!


lol. Ok then My friend. Fair enough

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I have a totally mint Snack for sale…

If you wanna get rid of your dinged up purple one I’ll be happy to take it off your hands :call_me_hand:

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