want to win a free yoyo?

I think this yoyo would fit my at style because it is the perfect weight and it looks great for horizontal

Seems like the kind of yoyo that would be good for horizontal play. I’d love to increase my skill level of horizontal so I think this would be the perfect yoyo to help me reach that goal.

i like it because the v-shape works well with my fast play styles, the width is very accomidating for whips and horizontal play. the raw plays very fast and looks very cool in motion. the medium size diameter works well with all tricks

The Pulsefire would be a good for me for sooooooo many reasons! I wouldn’t want to get into boring details just about the yoyo, but really how the features fit my preferences, instead of doing a flat out objective review.

This yoyo, the Pulsefire, would be a perfect fit for my style of play.

Let me get into more detail. The elegant shape of the yoyo is fantastic, looks very comfortable in the hand, and looks like a high quality yoyo. I really like wider shapes in yoyos, which are easy to do horizontal tricks, fingerspins, and are very stable. This yoyo fits all 3 categories! I like the looks of the yoyo, and it would be the attention turner in anyone’s collection.

Because of the Step Straight profile, horizontal play would be a breeze! The rims on the yoyo, while really giving the yoyo an awesome look, looks to me like they would give the yoyo the stability it needs to spin for a long time for learning new tricks or looooong tech combos, while also the light weight giving it a spectacular element of speed, which I have really needed recently!

It also looks amazing for all styles of play, which i really need to get into. The length doesn’t fool me about it’s chopsticks play ability, and the shape looks perfect for rejections, slack catches, and technical tricks, which would help me a lot during contests, showing others new tricks, making tutorials, or learning a new trick!

The yoyo easily and perfectly fits all of my preferences, and raw finishes always attract my, and other people’s, eye. This looks like one of the yoyo’s I would never sell, nonetheless be able to put down! It looks like a lot of time and care was put into the crafting and producing of this yoyo, and I would give it more than enough time and care with it! No joke!

The entire point of making yoyo’s is to bring joy to everyone who throws it’s faces, and I think this yoyo could especially put a smile on my face! Especially since in the reflection of the raw polish I could see myself smiling ;).

The yoyo is a beauty of it’s own, and it would be a pleasure to test out and play with. I would always take fine and careful care of the beauty, and with specs like that, I would surely not leave it unused, and I would tell all of my other friends about it too, and hope that they look to buy one themselves, to help get you more recognized in the yoyo community. I really feel that you have many good ideas, and with one of your first being a yoyo of this elegance, I would love too see some more yoyo’s that you make that are as spectacular and well designed as this one, or better! :slight_smile:

(As cheesy as some of the above may seem, I mean every word of it.)

How, and when will we know who won??

Because I want it.

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Because I’ve had a record breaking horrible month. Well technically it’s been like two months, but these last few weeks just… Were about as polar opposite as you can get from being awesome.

Why would it fit my play style? Hmmmm…

  1. I don’t have a play style yet… I just reach my one year mark recently and I"m still discovering what that is… This might really help with that…
  2. I don’t have a RAW yoyo yet.
  3. I really really want a throw to help me learn horizontal… I have yet to have a good throw for that. Low side walls with a straight step V-shape would be awesome for that…
  4. I’m broke. And I can’t really buy a new throw this month because I rather spend that money on the Evan Evans fundraisers.
  5. I don’t have a RAW throw yet… I really want a RAW yoyo… ;D

5 indisputable reasons I need to win a pulsefire

1. The pulsefire would help me get the ladies
2. step my game up
3. look as cool as azunyan
4. Help me possibly win a contest showing its the greatest thing ever
5. Finally end my need to find the perfect yoyo

I think it looks beautiful.
I love the shape.
I love 10-ball bearings.
I will be able to do finger spins on it, which I love to do.
I also need to develop my horizontal and this yoyo could help me.
It is comfortable in the hand.
It is the perfect size.
It can help me develop my style.

By the way, I think it is fantastic that you would give away a yoyo.


When is the winner announced?

When shall we know the winner?

after I get back to plat 5 in league and midterms


after i finish midterms i will read everything

Oh. Thanks for the clarification. Good luck with midterms! My classes were cancelled today, so I got a bit of a break. I have a Physics and Chemistry test later this week though, so I kind of wish that they weren’t cancelled.

Good luck man :wink:

Why stop at plat, make it to diamond! haha

Crap. I’m a few days late… Maybe I can still enter.

I absolutely love the V shape, almost every yoyo I have loved a lot in the past year has had the same general shape.

I love how wide the design is. I’m a big fan of it, and this has a perfect balance of wide but not too wide.

I love how the material is 7075. I have always found 7075 to spin longer and be more stable.

I love the raw finish, I’ve always thought they looked incredibly classy.

Last is that I love how light this is. It seems to be in my perfect “floaty” range.

All in all, this seems like a product I would love very very much. Assuming my chances of not winning this are pretty high, I will still buy one without a doubt.

KC, you won’t be disappointed if you buy one. I’m considering buying a second.